Howdy y'all. The Simons here. We are coming on to say that The Pioneer's Cabin in Willisville (original location) is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

Nearly two years ago we jumped in to save it from closing when Dan & Mary retired. It made our hearts full to keep The Cabin open and to be host to others creating memories just like we had throughout our lives. And really, it felt so good to invest in and give back to the area where we grew up.

Our Cabin team and our family put their hearts and souls into keeping the Cabin a community staple. We can say we went down fighting together. While it hurts delivering the news to you, it hurt 10x that amount watching the hardest working faces this town have their hearts broken. They are losing the unity of a work family and that's devastating to see.

But, the closing of this location, is necessary.

We are not selling the actual business entity of The Pioneer's Cabin. We have future plans for it to include a location elsewhere in the US and the ability to purchase items such as Cabin Salad Dressing, Strawberry Butter, and a COOKBOOK at thepioneerscabin.com. Updates on that will be coming soon.

We are however, selling the real estate (the actual Cabin and 2 acres), all equipment, personal property, and antiques. At this time we are only interested in "total package" inquiries. If that is something of interest to you, please contact 618-497-2380 for information. Otherwise, individual sale details will be posted here if possible.

Please feel free to stay engaged to our Facebook Page and at thepioneerscabin.com to be informed of where The Cabin adventures may roam.

Lastly, thanks to YOU. You made it worth while.

Y'all have a happy 2018. -Justin and Charlene